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Rose of the Week– 'Jennifer'


Oh how cute, sweet, adorable . . . Yes, it’s a miniature rose named ‘Jennifer’. I don’t have many minis, but I treasure the ones I do have.


I tend to think my little mini rose collection is the best of them. That’s silly, because there are hundreds of mini roses, and thousands of mini rose lovers. 

I did a google search for mini roses and found that Gardenweb has a really zippy mini rose forum. If you have questions, that’s the place to go. Seventy-two people sent in lists when “PurpleRoses” posted the question, “How many miniatures do you grow?” ‘Bees Knees’, ‘Jean Kenneally’, and ‘Lavender Crystal’ were on many lists – nobody listed ‘Jennifer’!

I don’t remember where or when I bought ‘Jennifer’, it seems she’s always been with me. I’d grown her in a pot for many years, and then one day I thought she might like to be in the ground. She holds her own as a nice, airy small shrub with a fairly continuous bloom cycle.




I have a dear niece named Jennifer who might like this post. Hi Jen!