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Chicken and Asparagus Salad

Rose Water Spritzer


Uuuuummm the fragrance, ahhhh the coolness . . . There’s nothing like a spritz of cold rosewater while making dinner during a heat wave.

I spotted the blue bottle in the fridge, while searching for green onions. Ah-ha! I grabbed it and sprayed under my chin, and then sprayed again and again. It was so deliciously refreshing. Making dinner wasn't so bad after that, and besides, I thought the telling here would be a fun.


Thanks to the Russian River Rose Company, 'Rose de Rescht', one of the famous few roses that is prized for attar production, resides in my garden. This lovely Portland rose is a rebloomer, unlike 'Kazanlik', which is the most renown attar producer. 'Rose de Rescht' has adorable buds that are fun to work with in a small vase. This little bronze vase is from Florali.



The Russian River Rose Company, located in Healdsburg, CA, is a fascinating place with a wonderful nursery. They even have perfume rose harvest tours, complete with a demonstration on how to distill rose water and rose oil.

I'm sorry to say the rose water, pictured above, came from a small company that no longer exists. However, a search on the internet yields plentiful rose water sources. 

The quote on the bottle-  "He was so good he would pour rose water on a toad." –Douglas Jerrold