Sweet Peas Part 4– Volunteers
A Friend's Inspiration

Black Cherries and Mozzarella


Have you been enjoying the scrumptious cherries in the markets lately? It seems I come home with a luscious box of organic cherries every time I go to the store. The ones above are black cherries.

My friend Susan came to tea one morning and, instead of a sweet treat, I served mozzarella and cherries. It was so fun and pretty, I reproduced the scenario in the afternoon, for pictures.


Trader Joe's carries these handy mozzarella medallions.


Purpley basil came from a pot outside our front door.


A splash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, plus salt and freshly ground pepper were the only other ingredients.



Rich dark grapes would also pair well with the cheese. Another option is to toss juicy, sliced fresh peaches, with the cheese, for a light lunch.

Julie & Julia

It seems fitting to post a food blog after seeing Julie and Julia yesterday afternoon. I went by myself; just had to see it; and absolutely loved every minute. I had already read Julia Child's memoir, now I must get Julie Powell's book and, of course, check out her blog.