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Aglaia and Friend

Horse-and-Aglaia-Rose Horses make a landscape look beautiful. Alice Walker

Oh Alice, I couldn't agree more. This is Billy and he roams on the other side of Anne Belovich's fence, in Washington State. He smells and eats the roses! Anne doesn't mind – I wouldn't either. One of my favorite things in all the world is to photograph such a subject. While the horse is in the vicinity the clicks do not stop.

For a special treat, take a look at Anne's garden. Click

Hybrid Multiflora   o/fff/4        Lambert, 1896                 [Huntington]
This beautiful, small-flowered rose is very much at home in California; seen everywhere along the roadsides in spring, flaunting its pale, straw-yellow blooms with amazing abandon.
Gregg Lowery, Vintage Gardens catalog (Rose Lovers, if you don't already have this catalog, give yourself a gift).

Now don't  you want to know what Aglaia means? It's such a beautiful word.

Etymology: From Greek á (aglaia), meaning 'resplandor, belleza, la resplandeciente', (splendour, beauty). The youngest of the three Graces, daughter of Eus and Eurynome. Spouse of Hefestus.