Thanksgiving Roses
Fall in Our Garden

Hermosa Rose


One of the "ideas" circling my head finally took form a couple days ago--



a photo session with Hermosa roses and a Japanese porcelain lunch box.



Way back in the early 70's I purchased this hand painted treasure for only $15.00! I'd never seen roses in Japanese brush work-- this is the lid. Recently, the image reminded me of Hermosa's lovely loose blooms.



On day one of the photo session, some of the roses were in bud, and I started with just our yellow walls as a backdrop. I usually begin by shooting straight on showing all there is to offer and then go on from there trying new ideas. I always hope I'll end up with something I did not anticipate. I like surprises, however they were slim that first day and I thought waiting for the next day's more open blooms might be worth while.



Next day- with buds open- I tried the traditional white background I always go for- looks ok- but where's the excitement?



I remembered this old painted backdrop, grabbed a navy napkin, and sought the morning light on the same surface from the day before. Timing is often everything in photography. I kind of like this one.




Here's the trusty surface I used and said backdrop propped up by the picture frame. I originally hoped to use my husband's fabulous big lotus pot, but I couldn't make it work except in the image below, and sorry to say, it's barely there.





And then the next day with the drama of morning light.




The bloom is only a couple inches across.



My Hermosa shrub reaches four feet though I've seen it much bigger.




Here you can see the lunch box components- they're only an inch deep and are meant for tasty little morsels.