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Rainbows and Roses

Sometimes roses go by more than one name.

Moser-pink-striped-rose copy

My friend Mary and I fell in love with this rose when we saw it at the Sacramento Historical Rose Garden. It was about four years ago at their wonderful Open Garden. Mary dreamed of acquiring the rose and was finally rewarded with two plants from Vintage Gardens, just before it closed last year.



Last week, Mary brought me this single stem – the first bloom on one of her year-old shrubs. The camera and I had lots of fun with thoughts of a future blog post. How could I tempt you though when the rose might not be available for your rose dreams? Well I contacted Anita Clevenger, manager of the rose collection, to see if they would have plants to sell at . . . . . .



I also wanted to know about the name of this rose. Anita wrote back, "It was collected from the Moser House in Calaveras County. We strive to have all of the found old roses from the Mother Lode, so were eager to plant it when it was donated to us by Sherri Berglund.  It is thought to be 'Rainbow,' a sport of 'Papa Gontier.'  We have a very similar rose from the Oneto Ranch, also in Calaveras County, but it is not as vigorous as Moser Pink Striped.  We planted them side by side, and call the Oneto rose 'Rainbow' in our catalog.  Even though they are only 12 feet or so apart,  the difference in vigor could be the location - the Oneto rose is closer to an oak tree which gives it some shade and root competition."




I'm happy to report that Anita said they will have some for sale at Open Garden!


Below, are some shots taken in the cemetery garden when we first met this rose.


Rainbow-rose-4 Rainbow-rose-6Rainbow-rose-7Rainbow-rose-8

Anita did point out though, that they are the only US source of this rose. So if you are lucky enough to have this rose, share cuttings and hope that nurseries see the light, and make Rainbow available once again.




I thought it would be fun to show, Rosa Mundi, a far distant relative of Rainbow. Pretty over the top as far as coloring goes for circa 1581!



Here's Rainbow/Moser's Pink Striped once again. There's something about the subtlety of those stripes  . . .