A is for Aqua (decorating)


It's Sunday morning 10 a.m., still in my bathrobe, the coffee is cold and I've finally read all the posts in my reader, all except for Sarah's that is. I'm saving it for last–– there were 10 I hadn't opened. Her latest bee post had me in a swoon (it's a must), then up comes a feature on the Thirty Days of Beauty photo challenge. I thought it was a lovely idea and then got up to do laundry, grumbling inside about the gray day.

I was in our aqua room and my eye caught the corner with Artist Husband's lotus pot. Take a picture. O.K.  . . . one thing led to another . . .


. . . no detail was spared. I was inspired to do something I never would have done, and gray turned to aqua. Thank you, Sarah and Erin.


This room is an atrium/dining room, with six sky lights, two sets of glass doors, and a tile floor. It's a transition from the library to my Artist Husband's studio. It's part of a new addition we've enjoyed for 9 months or so.

Roses at Lunch

Napkins & roses

Emailing a friend today, I wrote, "Life is one big photograph to me."

I just snapped my husband dislodging protective (not) mesh from our overflowing gutters. Our first rain's been pouring for twelve hours straight. Now what was that post I had in mind? Oh, yes . . .

Lunch with Roy and Mary

When I need roses for an event and the garden is sparse, I think I'll have nothing to pick. It's kind of like the 'I have nothing to wear' syndrome. I'm always proved wrong. I didn't have enough roses for this kind of bouquet, but the handful I had for the table centerpiece turned out nice.

Some of you might know that we've more than doubled the size of our house recently. It used to be about 1000 sq. ft., including the garage. I've been shy to show you the results, but I've managed a close-up here and there. Today, here's almost a whole room– The Round Table Library. That's what I call it anyway, because it has four round tables, the smallest being the one next to the white chair. Roy and Mary are on the sofa talking to Artist Husband, while I'm tossing the salad.

I usually sit in the white chair and read or look at my husband's beautiful handmade paper pieces. He introduced a popular handmade paper making course at SJSU. Above, is a close-up of the middle rose drawing– colorful leaves are dyed and imbedded.

Here's one of the 'round table' details.

Here's the prepping outside and . . .

here's the rosy mess, after arranging.

All this rain will be great for the roses– autumn in CA is often a second spring.

I just called my daughter Anna, who's working at Ross, she couldn't talk because the ceiling is leaking and they're in emergency mode.

As I finish this post, the rain finally stopped.

Do you wonder what we had for lunch? Coming soon . . .