Open Garden at My House


For three years I've been preoccupied with many other things and my garden has had only basic attention from me. Finally in December lots of work got started. New fencing and rose structures; two new garden areas; and lots of pretty new plantings are ready for a party! Please come and smell the roses!

The garden is prettiest in the morning– we will have scones and coffee for you, and when they are gone we'll bring out the flower cookies.

Sunday, May 3, from 9:00 to 2:00 at 40 Meek Place, Lafayette, CA


Celebrating Old Roses


The day after last year's Celebration, many lovelies lingered on my dining table. Here's the fun I had walking around the table aiming my camera. The first image ended up on the banner of the Celebration FB page. I don't think I'll ever change it! Doesn't it just say it all?











Tell me how cute--- I don't know who this moss rose is--- doesn't quite seem like Common Moss to me--- this one is more intense.



Then how about this bit of heaven? Sorry, I'm not the scholar today- I don't know who it is.



The stamens take charge--- aren't they lovely? The flower was a fine pale pink single. And one more---




This year the Celebration of Old Roses is on May 15th, 2016, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

It is at the El Cerrito (California) Community Center, on Moeser at Ashbury--- takey Hwy 80 or 580 to El Cerrito, Central Ave Exit. Go east to Ashbury, then left to Moeser.




One more for charm !





Florida Rose Foray


This past weekend I was the guest speaker at the Marion County Rose Society's Festival of Roses in Ocala, Florida.



On day two I showed a lovely and eager audience how I approach rose arranging. The final results beam here for the the camera. Most of these roses came from the garden of Carol and Barry Green.



Here's Carol greeting us on our early morning arrival to cut roses. Her garden is an eight-acre paradise (notice roses far in the background) teeming with well over 1000 roses. Sorry to say, our harvesting allowed little opportunity to photograph the garden.

Before we began gathering, Carol invited me into her lovely home to choose vases from her collection of treasures. What a luxury!



With rooms like this to search I was in flower arranger's heaven.



The Green's unique home was built by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. Here Carol's explaining that this stunning ficus tree has its roots in the ground outside (!)



Carol's ready to rumble across the garden in search for blooms.



I'm happy I got a shot of this dramatic container garden.



Here's Bayse's Blueberry in a paint can-- 



5-gallon and french flower buckets didn't take long to fill.



Back at the Agriculture Center, tables are set for lunch with entries from the day before stepping in as lush centerpieces.



This is the first arrangement I made. I wanted to include roses from the day before all together in one vase as a note of appreciation for the stunning efforts of many volunteers who make events like this such a success. First I placed lots of rich Florida greenery into this great urn so the roses would have a sturdy footing to stay in place as I inserted them. 


Meet Sherry Roma


Here Sherry has her camera meticulously poised on one of the arrangements I made. The next day Carol and I met her for lunch and she asked, "Have you seen my blog this morning?" Well no I hadn't so on our drive into Tampa I looked at it on an Ipad! Yes, the digital wonders of today are boggling. She did such a great job--- Take a look-- CLICK


Many, many thanks to Carol Green and the Marion County rosarians who made my stay so wonderful!