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Tea Roses Part I

A Visual Feast from Jocelen Janon


Kauri Creek Bouquet– the light rose is 'Baronne Henriette de Snoy', the other is most likely  'Archduc Joseph' photographed by Jocelen Janon.

When I saw this photo on Jocelen Janon’s Facebook page, it made my head spin with even more love for Tea Roses. The picture also reminded me of how much I look forward to studying the roses gathered each year at The Celebration of Old Roses. Eight-foot tables display collections from each rose family – Gallicas, Damasks, Albas, Centifolias, Mosses, Chinas, Portlands, Hybrid Perpetuals, Teas, and many more are poised to be passionately observed. It’s a unique opportunity to see the special characteristics particular to each group. It’s also a great time to compile your wish list.

At the 2007 Celebration, I was newly infatuated with Tea roses, and had a wonderful time  choosing the roses I wanted in my garden. Since my Teas are small, and I don't have that many photos, I asked Jocelen if he would like to share his Tea images and be this post's guest photographer. He generously agreed. 


'General Gailieni' photographed by Jocelen Janon.


'Papa Gontier' photographed by Jocelen Janon.


'General Schablikine' photographed by Jocelen Janon.


'E Veryat Hermanos' photographed by Jocelen Janon.


'Jeanette Nicol' photographed by Jocelen Janon.


'Comtesse de Labarthe' photographed by Jocelen Janon.

Jocelen Janon was born in France, and has lived in New Zealand for the last six years. He has a fine arts degree and began his photography career with architecture and events, and now includes horticulture and food. He was a contributor to the recently published Australian book, ‘Tea Roses: Old Roses for Warm Climates.’

Thanks Jocelen !