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Blogging, patchwork, memories . . .


Until recently, I posted this blog without taking the time to really participate in the greater blog world. I was actually too shy (no, it's true) to leave comments on the three blogs I did pay attention to. I knew I had to break my pattern and get out and about. On one such venture, I discovered that someone named Tara Frey was taking pre-orders for her book, Blogging for Bliss. I ordered it.


Several months later, still uncomfortable about posting comments, I received Tara's book. What a treasure, eye-opener, and love fest it turned out to be. From blogging how-tos, to features of her favorite bloggers, Tara demystifies blogdom.

Now, I'm a happy wanderer, leaving hearfelt comments, and discovering the most delightful, talented people. The opportunities for self-expression in this thriving medium are boundless.

Happy Zombie


Many of Tara's blogging friends are craftswomen. One evening, I found myself on Happy Zombie in utter bliss. Monica Solorio-Snow has the cutest, sweetest, funniest blog about her life and her insatiable passion for needlework, especially patchwork. She has so many lovely projects going on.

I became wistful .  .  .


. . . about my own patchworky past. Yes, there was a time, long ago, when patchwork was my main creative focus. I used to sew very complex patterns with tiny diamonds and triangles on clothes, pillows, upholstery. I only have one item from those days, the quilt above. I just had to somehow post it with roses, in honor of all the quilt fun going on today.

In the 70's and 80's, decorating magazines used to display quilts as tablecloths. In France, I think they actually really use quilts on dining tables. (It must be a winter thing.) Anyway, I thought why not.

As I looked at the patches . . . I remembered . . .


How I loved rosebud prints–– and I wasn't even into roses then.




The turquoise dress, with the zipper in front, for nursing my first baby girl.



Three-year-old daughter Oneita's pink flannel nightgown.



And, oh my, the two fabrics in this one were actually left over scraps from a summer outfit my mother made me when I was three!

Next Post ––
A how-to for the rose bouquet, and a peek at the place settings.