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Irises for Peter

On Wednesday, my friend, Mary, and I went nursery hopping. Berkeley Horticultural Nursery
 was our last stop. Tempting iris photos, pasted on bins of bulbs for sale, had our full attention. (One of Mary's garden design clients especially wants irises in his new garden.) The images must have made a big impression on me, because, without a plan, irises have made a royal landing here.

Mary's client wants reblooming irises, and Berkeley Hort had a great selection. The ones above don't rebloom; they're here to celebrate iris diversity. Shown growing in our garden (in seasons past), are two bearded iris, two California natives, and at the end, Iris foetedissima, which is famous for its decorative, shiny orange seeds.

Now that I think of it, the gorgeous blue iris at the top was a gift, many years ago, from Mary's garden.

Thanks Mary !