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Here's to You Lady Roberts (rose)

Introducing lady roberts rose budsLady-robert's-gorgeous-rose-budLady roberts roseLady Roberts Rose1Lady Roberts rose openLady Roberts rose calyx

Can you stand it? Isn't she magnificent?

On a recent day trip, with my friend Mary, to the Historic Sacramento Cemetery Rose Garden, Anita Clevenger told us to be sure, before we left, to take a look at 'Lady Roberts'. It wasn't until later that afternoon that we finally made the Lady's acquaintance. Well, I couldn't get enough of her and proceeded to shoot her from every angle.

Lady Roberts Rose Portrait
This one kills me– my ideal rose face. Isn't it interesting how different she looks, here, from the open one, three pictures up.

Lady roberts rose in sacramento cemetary Here's 'Lady Roberts' in her plot at the Sacramento Cemetery. Still a young plant; the rose is not readily in commerce. Hopefully there will be seedlings available at next April's silent auction. Below is the text Jeri Jennings prepared about 'Lady Roberts' for the 2008 auction.

Lady Roberts

--  Sport of Anna Olivier; Int. England, 1902, Frank Cant)

Once highly regarded, (a multiple Gold Medal winner) this lovely amber-toned Tea seems to have disappeared from commerce in the U.S.   Her rarity may in part be attributed to the ease with which she sports back to her parent, Anna Olivier. In her day, Lady Roberts drew high praise from California rosarians.  She was recommended as a good grower and free bloomer, disease-resistant, suitable for garden or house ornamentation, or for growing under glass.   Though available in Australia, we cannot now find a commercial source for this beauty in the U.S. Lady Roberts is a vigorous, continuous-blooming rose, once mature.  Contemporary advice notes that the richest color will be obtained if the rose is planted in a south-facing position.  Treasure this rare beauty, and enjoy it!