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Honoring Rosarian Miriam Wilkins


Dear Friends–
There is so much in the old rose world to mystify and entrance us. Now as the roses spring forward and buds of known and unknown beauties form, I find the old excitement rising, filling me with wonder. The old world goes oft awry, but there is always the comfort of the garden.
Miriam Wilkins


Radox Bouquet Rose

Miriam Wilkins was a rose mentor to many, including myself. This morning, after learning about her passing, I wanted to somehow honor her in the garden, with my camera. A combination of morning dew, and light rain from the day before, jeweled the old fashioned roses she loved so much, and they sparkled for her.

Rosa Sericea Pteracantha 

Monsieur Tillier Rose 

Happenstance Rose 

Little White Pet Rose

More About Miriam

Miriam's quote, at the top of the page, was taken from the second issue of the Old Roser's Digest, which she founded for the Heritage Roses Group. For those of you who don't know about this remarkable and inspiring rosarian, here are a few articles that you might enjoy:

Miriam Wilkins' Roses for Sale In this ad for the sale of Miriam's roses there is a poem by Miriam and pictures of one of her most favorite roses, Common Moss.

Miriam Wilkins' Parting Gifts This is the day of the sale of roses at Miriam's garden. I am so happy I was able to capture the people, some of the roses and the joy of the event.

Miriam's Old Roses Garden  Miriam's sister, Thelma Behrens, adored Miriam. In this post there is an exquisite poem she wrote about Miriam.

Celebration Rose Bouquet This is a long gorgeous post about harvesting roses at Miriam's house for a display bouquet in Miriam's rose tureen. This was Friday in 2012. As you can see from this post and the one below 2012 was quite a year for the Celebration.

Harvest Day for the Celebration of Old Roses The day before the Celebration in 2012, we are at The Friends of Vintage Gardens property, cutting blooms for the display tables. It was particularly fun for me because I was harvesting to make a spectacular display in a large tiered basket. 

Celebration 2015 Wrap Up  This post begins with harvesting at my house and ends with pictures from the Celebration that includes a masterful bouquet by Virginia Keane.


Thank you Miriam, and rosily !