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November 2009

Blurring Roses- Photography Tips


Experiment by blurring the rose – fill the frame with color – no detail.

Pink-rose-blur Uuumm so pretty – now focus just a teeny bit . . .

Pink-rose-1 . . . the rose is smiling – focus more.

The Rose is Heritage by David Austin


Heritage-Austing-Rose The Blur (bokeh) is by a Macro Lens on a Canon 30D SLR


Who knows when you might need a blurred image? Blurs came to my attention only recently, and resulted in some good fun. I haven't used my macro lens much lately, but it's expert at filling the frame with rose color, and many blur variations. All you do is move slowly around the rose, and experiment with the focus ring. Only one rose required.

PS The rose in the equation above is Austin's 'Evelyn.'  You might notice that the 'Evelyn' blur thumbnail matches the big 'Heritage' pictures, better than the three actual 'Heritage' blurs. Time-of-day changes color at its whim.

November 20

The Armchair Photographer


Photography, alone of the arts, seems perfected to serve the desire humans have for a moment – this very moment – to stay.

~Sam Abell


Some of you might recognize the space I'm zeroing in on, from yesterday's post. We call it the atrium room– it serves rather nicely as a dining room and photography studio. The painting is easily covered for a different backdrop. The room is aqua, so if you see an aqua glow in some of my pictures, you now know where they were taken. It's pretty cushy to shoot from the chair and rest my elbows on its arms. I also move the chair to change positions, and of course, sit on the arms sometimes too.

I've always liked to sit and shoot. Dining chairs, which aren't in the pic, are also good photographer seats, when I'm in close-up mode. 


November 11


Do old roses only bloom once?


Rose bouquet photo


Old roses? I want nothing to do with them, after all, they only bloom once.



Rose bouquet


What about these gals?


Pink roses


You say these pictures were taken in California, in October?



Pink rose photograph


Surely those are Austins or Romanticas.


Well who then?


Yesterday Rose 


Let me introduce you–

Mrs. Dudley Cross
Mrs. B. R. Cant
Grandmother's Hat
Buff Beauty
Champion of the World
White Maman Chochet
Catherine Mermet
Perle d'Or


November 10