Blurring Roses- Photography Tips
Environmental Portrait

Pink Rose Quilt



Roses are endowed with the ultimate when it comes to color. Originally, I fantasized that a quilt of simple blocks of color, without detail, would be spectacular, for Camilla's photo workshop project. I did a batch process, in Photoshop, turning the rectangles into squares and then stitched a big quilt, in rows of one color each . . . but the image wasn't working for me . . .


. . . so I started cutting it up and ended up with the fragment below.


They might be nice, but I couldn't see it at the time. While shooting I experimented with selective focus, and many blurs (bokeh), and in the end, I decided to show more rose detail, with the camera's rectangular format. As I finish this I want to start over- there are so many possibilities! Good learning. Thanks Camilla!


Canon 30D with a macro lens.

If you'd like to join the photo workshop you're welcome to– just let us know. Next week's project is here.

November 21