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"The searching photographer realizes that in addition to one's own distinct course, there's more. Rather than walk the beaten and well-traveled path, they take risks and travel sideways, looking for another way to see." From Visual Poetry by Chris Orwig

Searching for new ways to see, is why Camilla and I started this little photo workshop. I look so forward to seeing what we all came up with for Camilla's first project.

My #1 assignment is here.

The second assignment is a still-life project.

#2 Environmental

"Create five unique "environmental" photographs of five coworkers or family members. By environmental I mean, compose the image so that the location and context are an integral aspect of the photograph." Chris Orwig

As Camilla wrote in her first project, "Okay this is where I am doing my take on this . . ." 

When I first read the assignment, I thought Orwig wanted images without people. In other words, photographing the person through the objects of their lives. That sounded so interesting to me, and that is how I'd like us to proceed. If you don't have time for five images, three is good too, and make one of the images a self-portrait. Let's get to know each other.


In the top photo, there was no set-up involved, it was a work-in-progress in my husband's (he paints his clothes) art studio. Lucky for me huh? Well, I can't do it next time though, and he'll definitely be one of my assignment #2 subjects.

The shot below is a self-portrait, as told by my tidy desk (not what it looks like as I type).

Next Saturday, upload your results on your blog, so will we. Then we can all take a look at each others interpretations. It would be helpful, if you leave a comment on my blog, next Saturday, with a link, or url, to your post.

Camilla will be ready with Assignment #3 next week.

Send me or Camilla a note if you have questions.

I can't wait to see your pictures. Have fun!

Carolyn-Parker's-Computer "Every day we walk a distinct path. What we see, how we respond, and who we interact with is completely our own experience. Each of us is one of a kind. And finding photographs depends on realizing how distinct we actually are. If you can tap into what makes you different, what sets you apart, you can begin to find photographs that will be completely your own." Chris Orwig


PS This past week, Gail, did a beautiful post about her Mom's needlework. I thought her images were right-on for this project. I especially loved the last one.

PPS If you'd like to join the photo workshop- you're welcome to– just let us know.

November 21