Loving Light
Rose Window

Stamen Story- Rose Photography

Glowing stamens are one of my favorite things–– if I'm taking a portrait of a rose with prominent stamens, they must be fresh.  


'Mutabalis' begs to differ.


"Look how we dance, twirl, and curl. Look how we love ourselves!" the roses said.

A Joyous Surprise

As a writer, and photographer, I have stories to tell, and they often require many images. You've seen story boards-- well it's a good idea to sketch one up if there are many parts to a piece. Recently I forgot a key photo for a future post, and had to resurrect a three-day old bouquet, that I left languishing on the floor. As I tried to bring new life to the arrangement, I noticed that each open 'Mutabalis' center was an exquisite sculpture deserving its own portrait.


Picture This Photo Contest for November- The End of the Line

November 16