Thanksgiving and Roses
Miriam's Old Roses Garden

The First Flower? (roses)


The first flower that blossomed on the earth
     was an invitation to the unborn song.

~Rabindranath Tagore

This poem comes from Tagore's book called Fireflies. He writes, "Fireflies had their origin in China and Japan where thoughts were often claimed from me in my handwriting on fans and pieces of silk."

When I was asked to compile an anthology of rose poems for my first book, The Poetry of Roses, I knew little about poetry. My teacher and writer friends did though– one of them gave me Fireflies.

Rosa Rugosa Rubra (red) has been on the planet longer than humans. I often wonder if this was one of the first roses, or perhaps, the first time the color magenta made its way to earth.

This is one of my earliest digital images – and an all-time favorite – can you stand those exquisite, curved ruby stamens?