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January 2010

A Demise in the Office

Hi Everyone (dear ones),

What no picture?


My computer died after all.

My last post became its final gasp.

My pictures are safe – phew - but they are not {here} on Artist Husband's laptop.

A new honey is on the way.

Waiting isn't fun.

I wanted to let you know I'll be back soon.





Civilization has been a permanent dialogue between human beings and water. ~Paolo Lugari

Evidence of a new growth bud is bliss to a rose lover; an exquisite blur is the same to a photographer; plenty of water is rapture to those who don't have enough; a computer screen is heaven to a photo blogger.

Recently my computer screen went blacker than the darkest point in this photograph– I couldn't get it to wake up. A computer technician tickled it from sleep, but when he left it fell into a coma for two days. This afternoon, he dusted the logic board and the computer came back to life. And here I am again.

A little dust (no, a lot of dust) kept me from something I've grown to love– blogging, communicating, sharing . . . I missed you. But I also had to think about my dependence (addiction) with this fantastic medium. Balance, priorities, schedules received some much needed thought, as well as a little action. 

I still want to do it all, and will find a way. How about you?

Vintage Shell Button Gifts


Don't these buttons look modern? The button display card they were attached to read, "Vintage 1800s & early 1900s." !

Buttons-on-Clothes When I received my first button card, from a family collection, I used two of them on the linen blazer, shown here. I made it to wear on a New York selling trip– it was during my fashion designer days, and the trip coincided with my daughter, Oneita's, graduation from FIT. Here we are playing photo-in-the-mirror on a Manhattan sidewalk. At right, is a shot of the rose  Sweet Surrender as it appears in my book, R is for Rose.

Old-Shell-Button-Display While in Oregon recently, my Dad gave me another button card. He has a whole wall of them in his guest room. My sister and I have oggled them for years. She goes for smaller buttons (thankfully). Most of these buttons have a 1.5-inch diameter. In the top left corner, on the card, it reads, "These were worn on coats called dusters during the horse and buggy days." Old-Shell-Buttons-and-descriptions I think you can read the writing above. The big holes were meant to be used with ribbon.


Button-Bow-Gift My daughter, Oneita's, ornaments must have inspired my buttoned gifts. It's so much fun, even envelopes get the treatment.Button-Envelope


Here's a button gift for one of you, dear readers. Can you guess what's inside? Right– another button!

Leave a comment, and a winner will be picked before my next and final button post.

PS- tell us about your buttons (don't worry, it's not a requirement).