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A Pearl in the Rose Garden

Douglas Fir (plant seekers)


Traveled thirty-thee miles, drenched and bleached with rain and sleet, chilled with a piercing north wind; and then to finish the day experienced the cooling, comfortless consolation of lying down wet without supper or fire. On such occasions I am very liable to become fretful.

~David Douglas


Yet he managed to take down the above words in his journal!  Mister Douglas is the intrepid Scot, botanist, and explorer who, in the early 1800's, discovered this conifer in the Pacific Northwest. Recently, I read about him and other brave plant seekers in Flower Hunters by Mary and John Gribbin. I'm especially fascinated about how, once we had the means (ships), men and women went to the ends of the earth in search of new plant species, risking their lives on a daily basis. Of them all, Douglas' stamina and enthusiasm for the natural world captured my heart. The book is a great read.


The photo above was shot in the wondrous, yes, Pacific Northwest rose garden of Anne Belovich. Please click here for a tour.