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February 2010

Macro Hide and Seek in the Garden

There was a moment of pure silence.


Then, suddenly, there it was manifest among them:


the age-old miracle of music.

~Edward Docx



Is there such a thing as a macro nerd? I think I might be one.

Gray and kind of ugly describes what the garden looks like right now, but there is excitement out there. New growth is thrilling me. With the macro pasted to my eye, I started playing move-the-lens-half-an-inch-and-change-the-focus. Have you ever played that game?

When things are bleak in the garden, grab a spot of color (if there is one). In these images, feverfew and crocosmia provided the "spring" green blurs for the rose growth I was focusing on. Then, I moved the lens half an inch or so, changed the focus, and brought the blur to life. This is kind of intoxicating and everyday miraculous play for this photographer. Thought it might be fun to show you what some of my blurs might be.

From the Pink Rose Garden


Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,

While loving someone deeply gives you courage.

~Lao Tzu


For about one month (May), it's possible to gather these rare and royal creatures into massive bouquets. When I took the second photo I had no intention of ever showing the periphery. Now it seems the most natural thing in the world, and I even like it better this way. However, it's a pretty tight composition that could definitely use some loosening up. 


Each one of these roses is a star, a deva, a queen, yet they mingle with such acceptance, and a wish to contribute to the whole. Not unlike Lao Tzu.

Rose Leaves on Fire


The Soul is a house . . . Let it burn!

~Tim Seibels


The leaves of 'Duet' are the first to develop in our garden, and this is what they looked like this past Saturday. If rose leaf awards were given out, these could easily receive "shiniest" and "reddest."

Duet-Rose We might have blooms in mid April.