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Miriam Wilkins' Roses for Sale


I never count the May morn lost

When there are roses, velvet mossed.

Green fringe encrests the calyx stem,

There snugly in the mist of them

The nested petals. They unfurl

Disclose the dusted heart and curl

In perfect exercise of grace

Exactly as that rose has formed

Thru centuries. Now warmed

Beneath the sun's warm glance

The musk scent rises to enhance

The charm of evr'y mossy cup.

It leads the dazzled bee to sup

As I, likewise bedazzled, pause

Spellbound before the Old Pink Moss.

~Miriam Wilkins


Miriam Wilkins
loved the rose
featured in this post, which among other names, is known as Common Moss. Yesterday, her sister Thelma Behrens sent me this poem of Miriam's, thinking you might like to read it. I thought it would be a nice way to announce a very exciting, once-in-a-lifetime event. The sale of Miriam's roses- she planted more than two thousand, over the years, on her El Cerrito Hillside. 


All the ROSES in MIRIAM WILKIN’S Garden are for SALE!!
(In pots…in the ground…cuttings)


Saturday, March 6, 2010
1-4 p.m.
925 Galvin St., El Cerrito, CA


Nurseries and Public Gardens
Are invited to come early
10-1 p.m.
(We are hoping you will help keep the roses available to the public)


Bring your own: Pot, Dirt, Shovel, pruners, etc.


The roses have all been labeled, but you are on your own for hauling, digging up, taking cuttings, etc.


Contact Kristina Osborn if you have questions
510-527-3815 or
Cell: 510-542-7149 (on March 6)


is for Moss Rose, and of course, Miriam.







Rose Garden through the Window


"You should be out there killing, and murdering, and pillaging," Daughter Anna joked.


All I did was tell her that I should be out shooting on such a gorgeous, sunny morning. Oh yeah, and I lamented that I got up too late (watching Casino Royale, last night, and eating too much Dolce de Leche ice cream, wore me out).

I did sit in the living room armchair though, and shot the condensation on the window, and then refocused (from the same spot) on the ecstatic garden. Interesting how the waterdrops become filmy and see-through, in the focused garden shot. The tall rose armature, about to burst into leaf, is 'Chevy Chase'.

Yesterday, I spiffed up the sidebar. All those little squares are links to some of my favorite posts.


Speaking of links, on FB this morning, I noticed that my friend and neighbor, Mani Sheriar, is selling her beautiful photography at redbubble.

Cheers !

Macro Hide and Seek in the Garden

There was a moment of pure silence.


Then, suddenly, there it was manifest among them:


the age-old miracle of music.

~Edward Docx



Is there such a thing as a macro nerd? I think I might be one.

Gray and kind of ugly describes what the garden looks like right now, but there is excitement out there. New growth is thrilling me. With the macro pasted to my eye, I started playing move-the-lens-half-an-inch-and-change-the-focus. Have you ever played that game?

When things are bleak in the garden, grab a spot of color (if there is one). In these images, feverfew and crocosmia provided the "spring" green blurs for the rose growth I was focusing on. Then, I moved the lens half an inch or so, changed the focus, and brought the blur to life. This is kind of intoxicating and everyday miraculous play for this photographer. Thought it might be fun to show you what some of my blurs might be.