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Arranging a Pair of Large Bouquets on a Budget


  • Two large bouquets for a stage
  • One night only
  • Small budget

Flowers-Waiting-to-be-ArrangedTrader Joe's supplied the fleurs. I didn't even pay for the pink one's because of a little mold on a few stems. Here waiting in the garage sink–

  • 4 (3)  bunches (ten stems each) chrysanthmums $12.00
  • 1 bunch mini white carnations  $4.00
  • 7 daffodil bunches 8.75
Grand Total– $24.75


It wasn't a lot of flowers, but the 16-inch height of the glass cylinders offers heft, and a generous look. Blooming solanum (potato) vines, stripped of their leaves, will add a crucial garden feel.

I wasn't sure what my approach would be, because I knew the mums would sink in those tall vases. I decided to hand-gather the mums and minis, and then I shoved half of the solanum beneath the blooms, before putting them in the vase. Sure enough they were sinking and needed the daffs to save them. I tried to hold the flowers up, like I would a loose waistband, and added half of the daffs, until gradually they bulked up the bouquet for a nice tight fit in the vase.


One down, one more to go. Notice, in the picture above this one, that I divide all the flowers into two buckets, so I know how many I have for each bouquet. I then like to spread them out on the counter as I work.

Large-Daffodil-Bouquets PHOTOGS

I wanted a plain background to show off the finished bouquets, and Artist Husband handily helped me prop up a 4-foot wide piece of foam core. I'm always lamenting that it isn't 8-feet and think that I don't have storage space for an 8-footer. Suddenly a thought came that I just might have room. We'll see next time.

Below, I cropped out the unwanted kitchen. Not bad I guess. I didn't do any macro play this time, because the rainy morning offered me little light. Even so, digital cameras are pretty amazing light grabbers.

Pair-of-Bouquets HAPPY SATURDAY !