Vina Banks or Purezza ?
Rainbow Rose

Lady Hillingdon Climbing Rose


It is indeed wonderful that so simple a figure as the triangle is so inexhaustible in properties. How many as yet unknown properties may there not be?
~August Crelle 1780-1856 German civil engineer & mathematician.

It is a rare morning when there is a light haze filtering the sun. Even though 'Lady Hillingdon' could have had a few more blooms for the perfect shrub shot, I thought I'd better shoot while the light was with me.

.     .     .     

In 2001, my friend, Susan Donley, and I were on a rose tour of England. We were staying at a Bed & Breakfast near Bath, when at breakfast, we met the granddaughter of one of the men who hybridized this rose. She told us that it was the shrub form 'Lady Hillingdon' that Lowe and Shawyer created, and she also mentioned that it didn't do very well in commerce.

She went on to tell us about an enterprising man, named Elisha Hicks, who spotted a sport of 'Lady Hillingdon' climbing, with long elegant canes. He entered her into commerce as 'Lady Hillingdon Climber', and much to the chagrin of our fellow guest's grandfather, the climber was a fabulous commercial success.

'Marilyn's Choice' abutilon weaves its way through the 'Lady' on our deer fence. The fence is covered with roses from top to bottom-- I'm not sure why, but deer never approach it for a meal.