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May 2010

Playing with Pink Roses





ABOVE– The abundant toys of a garden in May.

BELOW– One thing led to another.


The photographer quickly tired of the blue background.


She often prefers white, and was inspired by a number of different compositions.


The green box provides one more look for the hardworking roses.


Good art is art that allows you to enter it from a variety of angles and to emerge with a variety of views.

~ Mary Schmich

I'm not so sure the above is art, but the process seems like art to me. It's kind of a personal immersion with roses trying to show them at their best, not settling for the first try, and hoping I'm doing something a teeny bit different than last time.

Belle Isis, Village Maid, De Meaux, Heritage, Macrantha, Mme Caroline Testout, Common Moss and a couple other roses appear with Limemound spirea, aquilegia, nemesia, and a little furry grey thing I don't know the name of.

Mixed Pink Rose Bouquet

Confusion is a word we have invented for an order which is not yet understood.

~ Henry Miller 1891-1980


For the past two posts, I've pinched photos from this only-in-May photo session. Its folder, waiting on my desktop, has 182 images shot to impart various how-tos etc . . .  I've finally culled the confusion of riches to 33. A good project for Memorial Day if I can get myself out of the garden.

Have a Lovely Holiday

Pink Roses

"I haven't much time to be fond of anything," says Sergeant Cuff. "But when I have a moment's fondness to bestow, most times . . . the roses get it."

–– Wilkie Collins