Village Maid Rose
Macrantha Daisy Hill Rose

Rosa Roxburghii Normalis


– the ceremonial that passes yearly in the emerald temples of bud and calyx –

~ Mary Webb


R. roxburghii normalis is an ancient species rose discovered by Europeans in both Russia and China, in 1862 and 1908 respectively. Note the many leaflets. I love harvesting leaves-only for arrangements-- their effect-- lacy and irresistible.

(R. roxburghii, the double version of this rose, can be seen in the garden here. It also has the delectable leaves.)


R. roxbrughii is also known as 'The Chestnut Rose' for unusual spiney calyxes on both the single and the double, and bristled yellow (!) heps on 'normalis'.

Both roses are world class garden treasures.