American Beauty Rose
Rose de Rescht

Spider Mites


The good things which belong to prosperity are to be wished, but the good things that belong to adversity are to be admired.

~ Seneca


The Nevada blooms in these images are definitely in prosperity mode, but as I write, dust, two phases of growth, hot-cold weather, and spider mites have kicked her into the calamity club. Nevada-Rose

Yes I said spider mites, and I'm also the one who recently said in a huge bug post that I've never had to deal with them.  Well I do now, and on more than one rose. For the past two days I've been in furious hard-spraying mode, with water.


I happened to spray them both days in the late afternoon, and each morning, they greeted me with a chorus of gratitude. I swear I could feel and almost hear it. Do you know what I mean ? ? And some of them seemed to grow overnight.

Roses take adversity in stride–– don't worry, be happy seems to be their mantra.


I had to include this image that I cropped the bud from. Tell me, don't you think the bloom in the background is looking out for the buds urging them on ?  Go ahead, call me corny-- and have a lovely Saturday and Sunday.


July 10, 2010