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Roses et Fleurs


Last week, when I announced the rose arranging class I'll be giving at the Sacramento Marina, in October, I said I'd soon be posting a link to the registration form. Here you go-- Click !

I bought these pretty French flower buckets over a year ago, and I've been waiting all this time for inspiration to use them. Last weekend's gleanings from the rose beds told me it was time.

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Speaking of Francais–– my favorite French word is definitely fleur, merci. I'd almost rather use it than flower, and I often do. My sister, Judy, loves all things French. This is a pillow she commissioned daughter Anna to embroider. For a better look-- Click !

Mason Jar Posies


As children bid the guest good-night,
And then reluctant turn,
My flowers raise their pretty lips,
Then put their nightgowns on.


As children caper when they wake,
Merry that it is morn,
My flowers from a hundred cribs
Will peep, and prance again.

~ Emily Dickinson


On Saturday, when I make little bouquets to sell in the neighborhood, I hope to offer something new or different each time. The garden does too. Last week, white phlox and the prettiest pink penstemon, joined the roses in Mason jars.


Each posey received a leaf stem of this nameless-at-the-moment Scotch (Spinosissima) rose, and a soft furry leaf of minty pelargonium.


Mr. Ball, I really enjoyed using your lovely jars!


This was one of my favorites from the batch. Notice how effective that leafy rose stem is.

Canning roses?


I think acting is about forgetting yourself in order to give the best of yourself. It's passing through you more than you're creating it. You're not the flower, but the vase which holds the flower.

~ Juliette Binoche, actress


I needed vases, under a dollar, for Saturday-bouquets-for-sale. They had to be graceful in their own way, even fun, but not really noticeable– they needed to hold a good sized posey, and I wanted them to be clear. The flowers would be easily transferable into similar sized vase if need be. A dozen Mason jars came home with me from the hardware store . . .

I have more nice pics from this shoot. Click here.