Lavender Flowers
Scabiosa Atropurpurea

Rudbeckia- Coneflower


They call her 'Irish Eyes'.

Rudbeckia, she is, and 7-feet tall in our garden.


When her cones are dark brown she's 'Black-Eyed Susan', another variety.

Bees love her.

The flowers are produced in daisy-like inflorescences, with yellow or orange florets arranged in a prominent, cone-shaped head; "cone-shaped" because the ray florets tend to point out and down (are decumbent) as the flower head opens.

~ Wikipedia

Pretty cute in a little arrangement with bidens (a relative) and yellow rose buds. No, this prairie flower is not too common for roses.

Speaking of prairies– if coneflowers flourish amongst the grasses, it means the land is in good health.

Bidens reseeds readily amongst our yellow roses. Rudbeckia would too, if I let it go to seed. My plants are increased by division. This year, the plants were growing so rapidly, I decided to cut half of them back to a foot, so they would regroup and bloom later. It worked well, the cut plants are now about 3-feet tall and just beginning to bud.


Two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer.

~ Unknown

The beautiful rose, St. Patrick, just happened to be in this mix of flowers.