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September 2010

Hermosa Rose

In a mood and going for something mooooody,

when light, bright, and cheerful showed up–

and got me to thinking about how roses have their say in both the garden and the vase, but how generous they are to let us (me) speak through them now and then.

This is Hermosa, a China rose.



San Franciso Golden Gate Park

I never see what has been done; I only see what remains to be done.

~ Buddha


Thursday, it was time for a change of pace. Exotic plants, a far away ancient world, craftsmanship, inspiration, and friendship in four sweet hours. That a clicking camera could produce results to publish here is rather a miracle of what has come before.

Rose Behavior in the Vase


But Elizabeth's real love was and would always be her roses. Sometimes she came out and set up a folding chair, just to sit with them. She experienced a tremendous feeling of force from them, like a low hum or silent white noise––almost a sense of sitting in the middle of waves of rhythm and color.

~ Anne Lamott in Crooked Little Heart

Before and After

The big bouquet holds a sampling of great shrubs that are more than their pretty flowers. The display came with me for show-and-tell at a recent talk I gave. When back at home, I watched and photographed its blooms on day-one and day-four. The results were spectacular.


The Phyllis Bide cluster opened fully,


as did the elegant bud of Climbing Lady Hillingdon.


My wonderful 'Unknown' old Hybrid Tea hardly changed.


A pale Joseph's Coat (growing in shade) looked better after four days!


Happenstance, lost its petals, but so beautifully.


Did you detect that the vase is a gigantic Mason jar? I can't get enough of them, and when I saw this canister I thought––great vase––wonderful decor for an outdoor party! At my house, it's definitely good indoors too.


This Monsieur Tillier bloom lost energy opening, but had no problem posing.