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January 2011

Petal Power

Let others hail the rising sun: I bow to that whose course is run.

~ David Garrick


Yes, I love to show you pretty faces, and this one, not the usual, but she struck me as sublime– surrender with a flourish.


Artist Husband's Love


Rose petals also surrender for my husband. Leroy Parker, instituted handmade paper making at San Jose State University twenty-six years ago. He adores the medium and especially loves imbedding rose petals in the pulp, which he makes from kozo, iris, flax, palm, pineapple, and other exotic fibers. He does all sorts of things with the paper and even lets me use it.


After Christmas, I always wish I had sent cards to people I love. I never seem to be in the spirit or have the time during the holidays. This year I thought that if I start early maybe I could swing it.

I'm not sure how this card on a string idea evolved, but now I can't stop making them. Hung on the wall, they're little art works. Each one is different too. But oops, I put six in the mail today– how can I possibly wait until December? And how nice to see rose petals in January.



I know this is really a boring picture, but I thought some of you might want to see how I coaxed a little more light out of an overcast morning.



Rose Refresher

For a contrast to my last post on tired winter roses, I searched my files for what I remembered as kind of a generic, yet colorful photo session. Ninety images of pretty much the same thing, surprisingly offered up some cheer and a few nice compositions.


It started with a fake backdrop for about 30 shots.




Then I turned myself around and used the yellow wall- ummm.


Did you know that it's now spring-time in Australia?


In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.

~ William Blake


Happy Monday morning !


Winter Roses




Before they said




they said




one more time.


Artist husband brings in winter roses until they breathe their last. These are shots from his almost-final bouquet of the season. Photographed in December.