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February 2011

Tulips– Detailed Departure

animals are hypersensitive to detail . . .

people tend to ignore details . . .

~Temple Grandin

Kind of an odd quote for the image– you're thinking?

I know it might not work, but I wanted to tie in a Netflick I saw last night. I thought colorful pictures might hide the soapbox I feel I'm standing on as I want to shout– rent the HBO movie titled Temple Grandin!

Temple is autistic, and in her brilliance used what she thinks of as her "gift" of autism to help us learn to understand animals better, particularly livestock and pets. The quote is from her book Animals Make Us Human.

Also, the behavior message in the tulips seems to celebrate not only details but their beauty at all stages, even as they breathe their last. And don't you feel flowers make us human too?

Artist husband brought me these tulips– tight and taut in a perfection only mega production could provide. We enjoyed them for a week, and he wondered why I waited so long (their last day with us) to photograph them. Lank, limp and lovely– they just had so much more to say.

Even the blurs supply detail– an elegant farewell.




Iphone Magic

A week ago I told a friend, "I never text." Then when one daughter sent me a photo of her knitting project, and the other sent me a shot of her no-longer-misplaced necklace, I thought hmmmm . . .

Since one of those darling daughters is in Los Angeles, I gave in and sent a photo response, and the next day another. These tulips are my third try, and now phone-to-daughter-photos might be a warm and fuzzy ritual, and without a doubt, a new learning/creativity process.

I'm going to send her this one tomorrow. Me at age 20!! How phones change-- me- I look the same- not.

So now on my morning walk along comes the phone. These cypresses always remind me of Italy. They're on the hill behind our house.

The pics aren't super quality, but hey, they aren't bad and it's not even the latest iphone.

Do you have fun with the camera on your phone? Let me know how you use yours.