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The Colors of White Roses

One never knows what a rose season will bring to the roses and their gardener. Last year I was with you almost every day. This year the last bouquet of the first flush will have to do.


I'm joyous to be here!

Artist husband serendipitously laid this painting on the counter just after I'd assembled the bouquet. I love how its colored washes pick up the rose tints.  

French Lace, Snowbird, Sally Holmes, Madame Hardy and a few others made it into a bucket as I was pruning back the first flush. Vase-of-white-roses

Didn't they end up making a sweet bouquet? I'd never used this vase, it doesn't look it, but it's actually flat from front to back. I was surprised that it required so many roses.


*  *  *

Friend Susan visited the garden last week in search of a few special whites for a Martha Stewart feature. Take a look.