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Lilac Time and Roses on the Way

I should have been doing other things, but how could I not record the lilacs that came our way today.







There were also macarons and and a few 'first' roses.



Rubens is a Tea rose.



The last of the rose ice cream posed, but the rosemary pecans were gone-- . The bottle of rose syrup will be saved for another special occasion.



It was a simple gathering of rose loving women who wanted to learn how to navigate on Facebook. We had fun huddled around the computer, but nature's bounty and friendships-- there are no words-- maybe the pictures will do.




Peony and Michelia Doltsopa

Have you ever admired something with a friend and then a month later find it on your door step?

Pink peony in vase

The vase was the admired object and it arrived with visitors.





Can you tell I love photographing peonies? So garden-rare in CA.



I think this one's prayer (please open) was answered.



The other charmer? A magnolia relative from China- the  heavenly scented Michelia Doltsopa.


The last bud opened in the kitchen near daughter Anna's embroidery.


If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you.

A. A. Milne



Not bad for Iphone-4 pictures!


Annie's Annuals- Spring 2012


"Are you going to Annie's Spring Party?"



"I wouldn't miss it Honey."



"There's always so much to see."



Nestled amongst the concrete of warehouses and industry, you are invited to a world class nursery with the most inspiring, whimsical, flourishing gardens. Let's see what's in bloom now-----


















Annie, herself, creates the gorgeous garden and plant displays.



You'll find the latest styles in Annie's boutique.


Ideas galore


both fantastical and







 Y A Y    S P R I N G  !