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May 2012

Rosa Centifolia and (almost) too busy to post.


While prepping one of these images for an FB reminder about the upcoming Celebration of Old Roses, I realized how I've been neglecting Rose Notes at the most exciting time of our rose blooming year. Don't worry, I've been taking pictures- there will be MUCH more here when the roses quiet down a bit. Such demanding lovelies!



Sorry, I don't know her name- I brought these home from the Celebration two years ago. Yes, as I said on FB, you too can bring home precious cuttings. At the end of the event they are sold for a small donation.



S i g h  . . .



and one more.


See you at the Celebration !


Happy Mother's Day in Roses 2012


Basket in hand, I was heading out the door. "Woh there woman- stop- aren't you going to take a few shots of us all dressed up?"



It must have been sweet little De Meaux that brought me to my senses. 



Bonica was tucked in so tight she just wanted to get to the party.



The others were laughing- ready for anything.



Gertrude Jekyll said, "Sure you can take me out for a picture, but hurry."



Six rose-filled Japanese teacups on their way to a Mother's Day Luncheon.


Happy Mother's Day !




May Day Rose Garden 2012


The rose flush brought on by a recent heat wave was in full bloom.



I'd been working hard all day preparing for this weekend's Open Garden,



when a friend dropped by.



She asked me, "Do you photograph the garden?" She didn't know about my blog.



Her simple question made me grab my camera after she had left.



You see, I never photograph at this time of day.



A friend's visit- or should I say cosmic nudge.


G R A T I T U D E for serendipity.


Happy May Day too!!