Photo Ops in FLorida
Thanksgiving Roses

Distant Drums Rose


Cydney Wade* thought she had a challenge for me when she handed me this beautiful art deco vase. She told me she'd never really figured out how to use it and asked me if I'd like to give it a try.



I told her that I'd love to.



Of all the many roses at the rose arranging demo I did in Florida, this bucket of scrunched up, short stemmed beauties said, "Us, us, use us!"  



The short stems would have popped out of the vase opening if it weren't for the leaves which were set nice and high. Doesn't the vase color nicely pick up the light tones in those amazing roses?


Distant Drums


I first saw Distant Drums four years ago at the ARS Garden in Shreveport, LA.



Instantly I wanted it, but not until this past summer did it make its way to my garden.



It's an entertaining rose-- mutable-- constantly changing-- 


the blooms vary as well.



At this stage in the garden the rose is pink, but in the house this fabulous beige color happens.


*Cydney Wade is the proprieter of a wonderful mail order nursery, in Florida, that specializes in Old Garden Roses. She has a great website too. CLICK