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Hermosa Rose


One of the "ideas" circling my head finally took form a couple days ago--



a photo session with Hermosa roses and a Japanese porcelain lunch box.



Way back in the early 70's I purchased this hand painted treasure for only $15.00! I'd never seen roses in Japanese brush work-- this is the lid. Recently, the image reminded me of Hermosa's lovely loose blooms.



On day one of the photo session, some of the roses were in bud, and I started with just our yellow walls as a backdrop. I usually begin by shooting straight on showing all there is to offer and then go on from there trying new ideas. I always hope I'll end up with something I did not anticipate. I like surprises, however they were slim that first day and I thought waiting for the next day's more open blooms might be worth while.



Next day- with buds open- I tried the traditional white background I always go for- looks ok- but where's the excitement?



I remembered this old painted backdrop, grabbed a navy napkin, and sought the morning light on the same surface from the day before. Timing is often everything in photography. I kind of like this one.




Here's the trusty surface I used and said backdrop propped up by the picture frame. I originally hoped to use my husband's fabulous big lotus pot, but I couldn't make it work except in the image below, and sorry to say, it's barely there.





And then the next day with the drama of morning light.




The bloom is only a couple inches across.



My Hermosa shrub reaches four feet though I've seen it much bigger.




Here you can see the lunch box components- they're only an inch deep and are meant for tasty little morsels. 






Thanksgiving Roses

Thinking lately about Thanksgiving, I fondly remembered images I shot in 2008- I like them so much I want to show them again- a little differently perhaps.



Here's a detail of what the garden had to offer that day for a dining table centerpiece.



At the time, we were in the midst of a renovation- I shot the finished arrangement at the entrance of my office- the room I'm sitting in now!



Here's the harvest I had to work with- the red leaves are Vitus vinifera purpurea.



I like grouping similar colors together- those magenta roses are Yves Piaget. The narrow copper container seemed perfect for a rectangular dining table.



The other side of the bouquet has a different look- good for some lively ooohing and ahhing.




Here's my makeshift set-up- the garbage can proved to be a perfect height for easy shooting. I ended up really liking that warm plywood backdrop. Here's the original post where I first used these photos.





Distant Drums Rose


Cydney Wade* thought she had a challenge for me when she handed me this beautiful art deco vase. She told me she'd never really figured out how to use it and asked me if I'd like to give it a try.



I told her that I'd love to.



Of all the many roses at the rose arranging demo I did in Florida, this bucket of scrunched up, short stemmed beauties said, "Us, us, use us!"  



The short stems would have popped out of the vase opening if it weren't for the leaves which were set nice and high. Doesn't the vase color nicely pick up the light tones in those amazing roses?


Distant Drums


I first saw Distant Drums four years ago at the ARS Garden in Shreveport, LA.



Instantly I wanted it, but not until this past summer did it make its way to my garden.



It's an entertaining rose-- mutable-- constantly changing-- 


the blooms vary as well.



At this stage in the garden the rose is pink, but in the house this fabulous beige color happens.


*Cydney Wade is the proprieter of a wonderful mail order nursery, in Florida, that specializes in Old Garden Roses. She has a great website too. CLICK