Florida Fling
Distant Drums Rose

Photo Ops in FLorida


I don't know if the roses were flattered or annoyed by our attentions-- I like to think of this as a "harmonic convergence."



Carol Green kept saying, "Hold it." I guess we did, because she got some pretty funny shots of Sherry Roma and me as we hovered over blooms in the Harry P. Leu Rose Garden.



It was a joy to see Maggie, one of my favorite roses, looking so good in Florida.



With hat held firmly between my knees, I'm trying to cast a shadow over this pink rose for a perfect shot. Sherry, how did yours turn out? I forgot to shoot the label right there at my feet!


Pink rose

Maybe Sherry knows its name.



This one is Lady of the Dawn.



Sherry (who blogs at If Only Sweat Were Irrigation) and I became fast friends.



Yes, roses are known for their special knack of bringing people together.



Thanks for the pics Carol!