Fall in Our Garden
Christmas Bouquet

Red Roses for Christmas

It's that time of year when I begin to mourn the imminent passing of this year's roses from our garden. With Christmas on the way, I thought why not prolong their enjoyment by celebrating the season with roses in holiday garb.




Every few days I've been harvesting whatever is available. This humble gathering includes The Prince (that big one), Duet, Little White Pet, Maggie, and rose hips.



Duet and Maggie are showcased in this image. With the addition of greens and more interesting containers (although I love that little zinc pot), I knew these roses could dress to impress. 



In the summer, I bought these Weck canning jars in Berkeley. Perfect rose vases.



Mint pelargonium, westringia, fir boughs, and delicate rose leaves went into the containers first- adding the roses was pure pleasure. Barcelona bloomed when buds opened a day later- it's the rose with the darkish centers. It's an extremely fragrant beautiful rose that I highly recommend. Wouldn't these make a lovely gift?



The same roses recycled into a more upscale look in a bubbled handblown glass vase.