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July 2013

Rose Baskets

Rose de Rescht was blooming . . .


I purchased mine at the Russian River Rose Company in Healdsburg, famous for their Perfume Rose Harvest Tours. This rose is a wonderful rebloomer, has a rich fragrance and yields exquisite perfume! In my Bay Area, California garden it is also disease resistant.


Ralph Moore's mini rose Sweet Chariot was also in bloom . . .


This is a great front-of-the-border shrub and is also fabulous at reblooming and disease resistance. I bought this from Mr. Moore himself in his one-hundredth year.


Rose de Rescht, Sweet Chariot and a few other lovelies found their way into baskets this past spring.






Common Moss, Maggie, William Baffin, Snowbird, Belle Issis, Albertine, Yves Piaget and Hermosa also make an appearance.


Amazing, isn't it, how some see the basket half empty and others see it half full? Some see life hopeless, some hopeful. Even when things are less than perfect, if you can think of the good, the beautiful, the hopeful, you'll be more than sustained.

~ Anonymous




How to Clean Vases with Small Necks

You just picked a gorgeous bloom and are looking in your cupboard for a sparkling clean bud vase . . . . .


How many times have you despaired at the dirty bottoms (oops) of your vases, but use them anyway because you can't get at the dirt?

Try swishing uncooked rice and soapy water in your vases. It works!




Photo Tip - Garden or Pot

Have you ever needed a picture of a certain plant, but you didn't want people to know it was actually in a pot and not in the ground? Take a look at these fine specimens all in perfect bloom.




Scilla and Native Iris



Pink Tartarian Honeysuckle



Tinkerbelle Lilac



Variegated Mint Bush


Moraga-garden-center-treasures copy

This is an early spring haul from my favorite nursery, Moraga Garden Center. Smitten by the beauty of the plants, I started photographing them, dodging the pot rims and making sure there was a nice blurry background of the garden. In the case of the variegated mint bush, the pot of honeysuckle acted as garden companion. This trick can also be employed at the nursery, no one needs to know that it's not in the ground, when it's the subject you are interested in.

These beauties are all in the ground now with high hopes for next year.