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April 2014

Hybrid Tea Harvest

Last year, I was in my friend, Mary's garden when her HT's started popping. She was away and said I could take what I wanted. How could I resist filling a bucket with these great forces of Nature? I don't know their names, save for the Double Delight. Maybe she will chime in here and tell us.






Thank you Mary  !


Happy Easter! 2014


Eggs in nest easter





Last year at Easter, I made dozens of flower-filled eggs and meant to blog about them. It's nice to know, one year later, that it's not too late. In this version, we have iphieon with nutmeg geranium. I laid a bed of moss and then hot glued the eggshell to a Japanese sauce dish. 




Porcelain egg cups hold the fragile vases here. The pink flowers are nemesia. 




I found this handy eggshell cutter at Crate and Barrel.

If you don't have time this year for such a project, pin it for next year.


Spring Flowers

These spring flowers taken last year just before the roses bloomed.




All these are blooming now, except for the pink senecio which didn't last. As happens every year (it seems), there is a heat wave this week that will surely open the roses too fast for my taste– sigh.