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June 2014

Rose Harvest Morning

Mid-bloom, around the first of May, I gathered as many roses as I could in about an hour's time. 

Rose basket

Then I pulled out my iphone to record what came next.

Rose harvest 3

Roses ready for prepping.

Rose harvest table

Dethorning roses

The lower leaves and stems all need to be removed for easy arranging. Can you decipher the thorn strippers? I'd be lost without them.

Rose prepping

Two roses on one stem

I found two roses in love!

Preparing roses

Almost done and I haven't had breakfast.


Time for a cornflakes break.

Prepped roses

Rose faces

Roses ready to go

The roses are ready for transport to a children's party. Each child will have the opportunity to fill a basket with roses.


One of my goals here was to see how well my iphone would do for a blog story. What do you think?