Introducing 'flowernotes' Magazine
Rose Bouquet Gathering of Royalty

Celebration 2015 Wrap UP


It always takes me awhile to digest the experience of a big event like the Celebration of Old Roses. Three days later I'm finally ready to share.



After lunch today I shot this picture of the garden from our living room. See how overcast it is – it's even cold out there, and it's May 20! It's been that way for a couple of weeks. Since we are in drought mode and we had warm weather in April most our roses are long gone for now. Note how green it is out there – the whole garden has been deadheaded. Thankfully though, the cool weather made it possible to actually have roses on the display tables at the Celebration.



The day before the Celebration, I made a bouquet for our flowernotes magazine display table. R. palustris, The Swamp Rose, had lots to offer in the filler department, and really made the bouquet possible.



During my foraging I was happily greeted by 'Danebrog', the first bloom ever (in our garden) on this special Annie's Annuals poppy.



Here's the group I ended up taking to the Celebration. Not much from here; funny how most are magenta. Other Celebration goers had much more to offer.



For easy packing, this crate holds four French buckets of roses.



 Ready to go!


At the Celebration


When we arrived, Virginia Keane had just begun arranging this beautiful bouquet at the entrance. Here it's complete, and the doors are ready to open.



This is the Species Roses display. The R.palustris I brought is there at the upper left.



La Belle Sultane always thrills me at the Gallica display.



Here's the flowernotes table – lots of people signed up to receive updates about the magazine.



A phone picture of me taken by my friend Mary. At the Celebration, I found out that the sweet peas (in front of me) are named 'High Scent'. They were so fragrant, people loved them. They are actually still going strong and are also pictured on the table in the image at the top of the page.



At the end of the day, people are invited to purchase rose stems from the display tables for 25 cents each! 



When I returned home, after pizza at Zachary's with my friend Mary, I looked out the kitchen window and there was Climbing Cecile Brunner. Somehow it seems right to show the garden, in gratitude for all it has made possible.


And one last shot of Virginia's stunning bouquet with a picture of Celebration founder, Miriam Wilklins.