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Spring '16 Just Before the Big Bloom



The garden continues to be in fat bud stage, except for a few Tea roses that are now in full bloom – Monsieur Tillier looked like this yesterday. That's Rouletii overhead. I shot this and all the rest of the images in this post with my iPhone 6s. There is something so appealing about the phone's mobility. This shot would have been hard to come by with my big Canon.



Here's another shot of the darling Monsieur T.



This view is from outside the deer fence. With all that land how could I not continue to plant roses and hope for the best? M. Tillier back there actually is guarded with wire fencing, which handily is not showing in the photo. That's the mighty wanderer James Mason in the foreground.



This is Tea, Gilbert Nabonnand, who is a tallish sprawler in my garden. It's been blooming for a few weeks now and I've made many bouquets. Gilbert is planted outside wire fencing – deer rarely munch it.



And last but not least. I'm very proud of this gorgeous melianthus, not the typical rose garden companion, but so very wild and fun. I cut it to the ground yearly and it comes back full force every time. Happy spring to you all!


Happy Easter! 2016



Nothing like a sea of posies – these are for an Easter brunch party, ready to go out the door.



This was last year, and I was happy I had a few roses, they'd  just began to bloom.



Ready to get busy along with . . .



charmers from the market.



 Ranunculas always seem to be the favorite at market – freesias come in second for me.







For easy transport I put the posy pots in orchid crates.

 I always seem to have small pots leftover from orchid plants. I sprayed them white and added a plastic cup for water. 


I share your songs, through charmed hours,

With my sworn friends, the leaves and flowers.

~ Mary Webb, To a Poet in April 


Happy Easter! I'd love to hear from you.


An Unexpected Flower Gift


This little 5-inch bucket of blooms was left at my house after our last flowernotes photo shoot.





We needed an interesting combination of garden snippets for our Blushing Copper story on page 86, before we could send flowernotes off to the publisher.



Susan contributed a Cafe au Lait dahlia, some of her  prize 'Zinderella Lilac' zinnias, 



and heavenly strands of love-in-a-puff vine.



Perle d'Or and a couple other roses, along with my favorite pink dahlia, came from my garden.



 And here's Lady Roberts, the beautiful Tea.



The light had changed from the cool morning shot shown in flowernotes and I was captivated not only by the warmer light but also moved by the collaboration that Susan and I experienced creating flowernotes. This little bucket held gratitude and an otherworldly beauty to me. Photographing these images was such a joy.







 The sweet single rose with the pink stamens is Poulsen's Pearl


Atmosphere, that whimsical artist, transforms the already brilliant world by clothing in tints other than their own.

~Mary Webb in The Spring of Joy: A Little Book of Healing