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What is HelpMeFind Roses? is the indispensable go-to website for rose information.


When a rose like Celsiana (above) is mentioned here on the blog, HelpMeFind always gets a consult first. When I was researching French roses prior to 1927, I found out that this gorgeous rose was bred in the Netherlands before 1732 and introduced in France in 1817.




Most of the roses featured or mentioned here on ROSENOTES link directly to their HelpMeFind page. This valuable resource has listed over 44,000 roses, and has posted more than 160,000 pictures. Lots of those photos were posted by people like you and me!




The magnificent Garisenda in full bloom at the Sacramento Historic Cemetery brought up so many questions, the most important being, is it in commerce? HelpMeFind listed four nurseries and only one was in the U.S. at Rogue Valley Roses in Oregon. 


What are some of the questions you usually have about a rose? Do you want to see more pictures of a particular rose, do you want to know about a rose’s growth habit before you buy it? Do you want to know it it’s right for your garden space, your climate? Do you wonder if its fragrant and if it blooms throughout the season? You might even want to know about its parentage and when and where it was discovered or hybridized. You'll find the answers to these questions and so much more at HelpMeFind.




I learned about Francis Dubreuil's other name, Barcelona, when I looked it up on HelpMeFind. You never know when such discrepancies might be helpful.  


On the site it says, "HelpMeFind should not be confused with simple "listing" websites - it is a continually growing and evolving site run by seasoned professionals intent on using the internet to collect and organize insight and experience from resources and people around the world."


This wonderful resource has no advertising and supports itself through donations. Anyone can use the basic tools of the website for free. For a $24 yearly donation, you'll have access to even more helpful features, you can even upload your own photos of particular roses to enrich their entries.


Enjoy HelpMeFind and let your rose friends know about it!