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Rose Days

I've made a point lately to harvest and photograph the day's roses. In the process, I hope to be surpised and inspired by them. 


On Monday they seemed to arrange themselves by color.











Colour, like fragrance, is intimately connected with light; and between the different rays of the spectrum and the colour-cells of plants there is a strange telepathy. These processes, so little explored, seem in their deep secrecy and earthly spirituality more marvellous than the most radiant visions of the mystics.

~Mary Webb, "The Spring of Joy: A Little Book of Healing"


I looked for a quote about color in my usual place and found nothing. Then I remembered this exquisite book given to me by Pamela Temple. I opened it randomly to page 47, which was titled THE BEAUTY OF COLOUR (!)


Fall in Our Garden

I took these pictures two weeks ago, and got this post ready that day. However I didn't think I had processed the images well enough, so I decided not to share it. Today they look pretty good though. I'd rather be posting a Christmas blog, but will do that tomorrow-- enjoy!


People talk about planning gardens for fall color. I can't say I do that, but wait a minute . . .



Sunday morning I walked home to our happy corner of the world- took note and grabbed my camera. 



Here's one of our new gates. The arch has a coat of primer- I'm not sure what color it will be. My dad built both arches some years ago, and they now enclose more area from deer. We call this Bob's Garden as a memorial for my dad who died last November.



Would you know there's more than 300 roses in the surroundings? I think the companion plantings do a pretty good job as the roses begin their slumber.



This vew is from the behind the scenes catch-all area. 



Inside the front fenced area here's the table I often prep roses on. Leaves and thorns litter the grass from harvesting the season's last roses for pictures.



This is the back garden- you may have noticed there are maple leaves in all these pictures- below is the culprit- a giant weed (silver maple).



Another new gate appears in the background.



Still blooming. 


Can't Say Enough About Green




Back at the first color post - purple - I told you that all these images come from the folder I compiled during my first blog experience, many moons, pixels and aps ago - woooooooo! Green has been my favorite color for my whole life and the images in this post run a grand sweep of experience. The Alba rugosa's first bloom - brave enough to bypass tight roots of that flourishing grass (and I don't mean lawn). The frog - Christmas ornament turned treasured bauble. Hand blown glass flower visiting nature for the photographer only. Hellebore in the little agate bowl that broke (nice to have its image). Charming Louisianna fence (how green and lovely it was there). Our new street sign. Porcelain Vine - (how enchanted I was by those turquoise and purple berries). Queen Anne's Lace (memories of childhood). Rose leaf extravaganza - it looks like a simple picture but took hours to create so you could see how diverse, once again, the rose world is. Thorns - too scary not to photograph! A machine part with super-glued mirror, hanging on our back fence.


Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its lovliness arises.

~ Pedro Calderon de la Barca