Happy Easter! 2016



Nothing like a sea of posies – these are for an Easter brunch party, ready to go out the door.



This was last year, and I was happy I had a few roses, they'd  just began to bloom.



Ready to get busy along with . . .



charmers from the market.



 Ranunculas always seem to be the favorite at market – freesias come in second for me.







For easy transport I put the posy pots in orchid crates.

 I always seem to have small pots leftover from orchid plants. I sprayed them white and added a plastic cup for water. 


I share your songs, through charmed hours,

With my sworn friends, the leaves and flowers.

~ Mary Webb, To a Poet in April 


Happy Easter! I'd love to hear from you.


Thanksgiving 2014


Thanksgiving brought out the best from an armload of stems foraged in my friend Mary's garden.



I picked things that might look nice with market mums.



 Viburnam and pomegranate leaves, salvia, and Perle d'Or roses.





Now to back up a bit– I liked the bouquet pictures so much, I wanted to post them first.

When I returned from Mary's, I hastily put the stems in this copper bucket not thinking at all about pictures. Then I noticed the condensation on the window and all those golden birch leaves---  an Instagram shot had to happen.



When the sun was higher, out came the Iphone again. 

I was hoping I'd have time to do a blog post for today------I'm so happy (thankful) that I managed it! I dreamed of the long list of thanks I wish I would write. Time and thoughts will only alow the bare bones, but they are the best: love for nature, family and good friends, magical moments  (often w a camera), and the Creator of all. 





Reaping Roses

There's a folder on my computer titled "m day on the washer". I look at the contents in wonderment and think, "I really want to show these, but it's not Mother's Day." So the images sit there gathering pixel dust. Well no more. 



It's spring 2013, and I'm just back from the San Francisco Flower Market. I've deposited my bounty in the front garden to prep for Mother's Day bouquets. I know, it seems odd to buy flowers when the garden looks so full. I felt the need for a little embellishment and the photo ops were too good to ignore.










In the rush a few days later to make the bouquets, I didn't have time for pictures, but these images seem even better for that time and place, as well as this time and place, months later!


People find life entirely too time-consuming.

~Stanislaw Jerzy Lec