Happy Birthday Anne Belovich!

This morning when I opened FB, the first post I saw was Pamela Temple's birthday greeting to Anne Belovich. I remembered the pleasure and privilege I've had photographing the roses in her Stanwood, Washington garden, and thought I better get busy and do some sharing.

Barbier 2

Anne specializes in growing Ramblers. This image shows her magnificent collection hybridized by Barbier. In the background is a lovely long pergola devoted to Barbier.


Barbier bouquet

I spent five days blissful days photographing at Anne's several years ago. On the last day I gathered more roses from Barbier and took this shot.

If you'd like to see a slide show of Anne and her glorious garden, please click on this link Roses in the Air.

Again, Happy Birthday dear Anne! 



Carolyn Parker Bio Part 2


How did you become interested in roses? I love to ask people this question. After my first book was published, I asked it of myself. You see, I was rather stunned that I was now a published author and wondered how on earth it had happened. It took a while to piece together my initiation into the rose world. Here is the best way I have found to describe it- 


Conference of the Roses

Four single (five petal) roses met and planned how to woo me. Here’s what they said: 



“You, little white wild thing, greet Carolyn in a redwood forest as a long lost friend.”



“Rosa Californica, since you cover a vacant lot near her cottage, your fluttering pink single blooms, followed by fruity hips will really get her. Since she’s a back-to-nature type, she’ll probably harvest you for rose hip jelly.”



“When she returns home to visit Oregon, the sight of you, small-ivory-golden-centered-single, will thrill her. Your dive over that retaining wall will surly inspire her to take cuttings.”



“Irish Elegance, you will make the final play. She will be rocking her baby by the big window in her bedroom when she first notices your appearance. Your pointed orange buds will look like flames rising above the junipers,



 when you open into 4-inch wide peach blooms, she’s done for.”

Hopefully the above reads as a fun story- to me- that’s exactly how I was introduced to roses. Singles were my first love.



Each part was magical to me.


G nabonand

Before long, a rental cottage provided a garden with more roses- there was a Tea similar to G. Nabonnand;



the Hybrid Tea Snowbird;



and a lovely Cecile Brunner shrub. 

I learned about roses, and rose gardening as I cared for my garden-loving toddlers. All the roses shown here imbedded themselves in my consciousness, but they would have to stay put until our girls were in high school and I had closed my fashion business. 

That’s also when we purchased our home. Its derelict garden was a wonderful blank canvas for the little Oregon girl with the ugly back yard. 


Bio Part 1

Bio Part 3










A Very Special Rose Garden


However much we may learn of chlorophyl, chromogen, and colour-cells – the pigments of nature that are made from the earth and rain, air and sun,


Pamela Temple rose garden 1

somewhere in the dark habitation of the roots and the airy galleries of the leaves – we do not know why the same ingredients clothe one petal with flame and another with blue.


Pamela Temple rose garden 2

Colour, like fragrance, is intimately connected with light; and between the different rays of the spectrum and the colour-cells of plants there is a strange telepathy. 



These processes, so little explored, seem in their deep secrecy and earthly spirituality more marvelous than the most radient visions of the mystics.

 From The Spring of Joy by Mary Webb

Pamela Temple rose garden

These images are taken in the treasured Northern California garden of Pamela Temple. I've had some of my life's happiest moments amongst its many roses. I often dream of being there.


Many thanks always Pamela !